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Welcome to The Wine Ferret

Our wines can now be found at the Mediterranean Food Company & Café at 322 Tuam Street, Christchurch. The shop at 130C Montreal street is now closed.

Besides our wholesale operation which specialises in European wines and particularly Spanish, German and Austrian wines there is another side to our business about which we are particularly excited. See here for our latest list of wines

We are currently stocking up on a wide variety of wonderful "ferret finds", wines from regions far flung and regions local including as many of the classic wine regions of the world as we can access.

Part of Med Foods has been set aside to display our "cellar" known as the Ferret's Den and we are looking forward to sharing this with fellow wine enthusiasts. We will offer our own imported brands at excellent direct prices and also a dazzling range of other finds which we really want to drink ourselves but which will also be made available to wine lovers, once again at sharp prices.

We continue to hold regular themed tastings to examine and enjoy new finds and old favourites. All tastings will now be held at the Mediterranean Food & Café.

To be a member you simply have to be interested in wine and in expanding your knowledge on the vinous product. You need not be an expert or connoisseur to happily participate but if you are this is definitely your destination. We are a small team wishing to concentrate our resources on those who will appreciate it. There is no charge for membership.

Watch this space for further details very soon....

Lindsay, Lyn and Helen

The Ferret's Den

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